“Was unable to turn my head from side to side. Truly a dangerous situation especially while driving. Was taking pain medicaiton also for back pain for over 10 years with little relief. After seeing Dr Chu, I now have full range of motion in my neck, turning it from side to side without pain. I am now able to do all my exercises without pain and have even stopped taking pain medication. I look forward to doing much more and having joy in my life instead of depression and sadness.”
Ana D.

“10 years of headache gone after two treatments. Amazing… My only regret is that I did not try chiropractic sooner.”
Bonnie S.

“My condition before I came to see Dr. Chu was depressing. I had non-stop pain. I was not able to sit or stand for a period of 10 minutes or longer. My back would throb with pain each and every single day. I also could not sleep at night because of the pain. My activities and hobbies were no longer enjoyable. After seeing Dr. Chu, I am able to do the things I enjoy. Dr. Chu has improved my life. I now can sit without my back being in so much pain and can sleep through the night. I can go back to running & doing the things I ENJOY. Most importantly, I can play with my son without telling him–Mommy has to stop now because Mommy’s back hurts. To Dr. Chu and Staff–Thank you so much!”
Lizeth C.

“I developed sciatica (a sharp debilitating pain down one of my leg) as a result of weight gain during pregnancy. To my dismay, my sciatic pain only became worse after delivery. Doctors tell me it is because my pelvic joints are now loser than before–thanks to hormonal changes and the natural delivery of a very large baby. After receiving only 5 decompression treatments and regular adjustments, my sciatic pain is gone. I can now carry my increasingly heavy baby without pain! Thank you, Dr. Chu.”
Amy C.

“Excellent care, polite staff, very pleased.”
Debra L.

“Dr. Chu was able to correct my posture. I am now 1 3/4 inches taller and I am 28.”
Victor S.

“After I got into my car accident, I was traumatized physically and psychologically. I thought I was going to live the rest of my life with handicaps. My friend referred me to see Dr. Chu who was very patient and understanding. He treated my neck, shoulder, and back injuries to improve my range of motion. His reassuring manner and effective treatment helped me regain my confidence in my physical functions. A thousand thanks!”
Peter L.